donderdag 14 januari 2010

Schaatsen bij Ankeveen.

Het ijs op de plassen bij Ankeveen was goed genoeg. De Ankeveense schaatsvereniging had met hun veegmachines grote stukken sneeuwvrij gemaakt. Ik heb er weer even 'oud hollands' genoten! Na een schaatstocht over de plassen een kop erwtensoep met een rookworst in het dampende clubhuis.

2 opmerkingen:

Helge Helligsøe zei

Hi Arne
Hope it's all right with you that i comment in english, my dutch is very bad!

Nice to find another paddler that paddles a Prion kayak. In my opinion they make very good kayaks. Nice to see that you've painted the dutch flag on the rudder - brilliant idea.

I'm looking forward to follow your blog - I can see that we like the same types of areas to paddle in.

Best regards Helge

Arne zei

Hi Helge,
I found your mail just today.
English is fine. Yes, I checked out your blog, obviously we search for the same surroundings. I bought my Prijon Kodiak in 2007, it was my first kajak. I'm very happy with it. I make often trips allone and have to carry all the lugage. It's indestructable!
My plans for this year are the river Obra in Polen (spring or autumn) and the islands area by the Croatian coast for this summer. Just bought a foldingkajak yesterday, (see my blog). In the future I will make a choice which kajak will suits best for the journey itselves and the posibilities of getting there.
Future plans: Denmark and Sweden are deffinately on my list. I found reports of the 'british like' chalk rock coast in Denmark, a place I want to paddle for sure.
Maybe we meet one day, that would be nice.

All the best,